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Power bank

Works from any power bank that has a 2A output. The standard 10,000 mAh capacity is enough to power the Pix Backpack 6 hours of nonstop usage. Simply find the USB cable inside, plug in a power bank and you’re all set to put on a pixel showNote: Power bank is not included in the backpack. 



The LED screen has 16x20 resolution which allows for 16.5 million color combinations. The flexible, water-repellent fabric makes it resistant to water splashes and major physical impact. You can walk under rain and the animation won’t be distorted. The screen is also shock-proof.


The Pix Backpack app is available both on the App Store and Google Market. Download it for free and familiarize yourself with all of the features available.


Pix Features

The Pix Backpack supports images, animations, widgets, games as well as your own designs. You can draw, write and customize your backpack as much as you like.