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1. Do you deliver to my country?
Yes, we deliver worldwide.

2. How expensive is the shipping?
Shipping is free to US, Europe and most countries of Asia. For other countries shipping charges will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

3. When will I receive my Pix Backpack?
All orders are delivered within 10-15 business days, depending on your destination. You will be informed via email when your order has been sent. Delivery delays can occasionally occur due to logistics limitations and additional health security measures taken to avoid COVID-19 spreading, shipping may take up to 4 weeks.

4. Is it shockproof?
Yes. The Pix Backpack is made out of a flexible material, which makes it unsusceptible to major physical impact. You can hit, bend or drop the backpack and the animation won't be disrupted. Although, please don't strike it with an axe or the hammer.😃

5. Is it waterproof?
It's water-repellent. The Pix Backpack is made out of a special coating which makes it resistant to water splashes. You can absolutely walk under rainy weather, but we don't recommend dumping it in a wachine machine or the ocean. 🌊

6. How do I wash the Pix Backpack?
You can wash the Pix Backpack with a wet wipe and if that doesn't help, we recommend addressing the professional services of dry cleaning. As a precaution from any stains, you can apply a waterproof spray for backpacks or shoes.

7. Is the power bank included?
Unfortunately, the power bank is not included. The good news is that it works from any modern power bank that has a 2A output.

8. How long does the battery last?
The standard power bank that has a 2A output and 10,000 mAh capacity (most common for power banks) is enough to power it 6 hours of nonstop usage.

9. What are the dimensions of the Pix Backpack?
The LxWxD dimensions of the Pix Backpack are 16,5x12,2x4 inches with the 21L volume.

10. Can I distribute/resell/dropship the Pix Backpack?
Sure. Just write us to info@pix.style and we would be happy to discuss terms for the potential partnership!

11. Haven't answered your question?
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