Pix products are temporary not on sale

It all started with three friends who decided to create a customizable backpack in 2016. It took us 2 years, 15 prototypes and numerous exhibitions to create a “golden version” of the Pix Backpack.

We launched Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns in fall 2018 and raised over $340,000 of funding. Since then, we have set up a mass production and now selling this new gadget worldwide.


"The sole purpose of Pix is personalization. It’s a great way to express your emotions and highlight your personality," says Margaret Rimek, the CEO of Pix Inc. 


Our mission is to make people happy while they’re on the go. All of us are different and have a common need to express our individuality through what we wear.

That’s why we give it to our consumers and strive our excellence to make the most customizable backpacks ever made.