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Does Pix make you a BADASS?😎

by Sergey Tarnopolsky on January 22, 2020

Imagine a “real badass”. You might think of a US Navy Seal, an MMA fighter or a high school bully who terrorizes fifth graders. Perhaps, you even visualize Chuck Norris or John Cena.

But you would be ALL WRONG! (With the exception of Chuck, of course…)

Being a badass is not about the power, strength or acting like a douchebag. Meaning...it’s not about the douche and all about the BAG. 

Follow this story and you will understand WHY 👇

Morning. Gotta gotta catch the train and head to work. You dress all black, rock that hood on and upload your favorite “Skull” animation.

There is a whole collection of different animations in the Pix Backpack app but you choose this one because you want to be a BADASS 💀


While you’re waiting for the train arrival, a couple of retro games come into “play”. The special thing about it is the reactions of strangers.

During the time they play on their phones, you’re playing those same games, only on a slightly larger screen. That’s what makes you feel like a BADASS 🎮


You got so carried away with playing video games on your backpack that came to work late. Someone else would try to get away by sneaking in quietly.

But you turn on the “Clock” widget to let everyone know that you’re late because clearly you’re a BADASS ⌚

You finish work and come on a DARK SIDE. Using the image-editor feature, you draw these two words on your backpack to show what you’re onto tonight.

Everyone is chasing for the bright side but you. You dare to be different — you’re a BADASS 😈


Among the rich library of in-app images and animations, you choose the one that best matches your character.

Unlike some people who might be afraid to voice their individuality, you dare to be different. Nothing can bully you into silence since you see yourself as a BADASS 🤷


After taking a walk, you sit down to reflect on your day. You think to yourself if you could have done things any different. Should you have scared those people in the subway?

Could you have come to work on time? Does that make you a “badass” person? Definitely not. Although that backpack is a pretty BADASS one though 🤘


All jokes aside, to be a true badass you must be determined to be the best at whatever you choose to do. The Pix Backpack is NOT going to make you a “badass”. 

But it just might SHOW who you really are 😉